Brand: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Scent Description:

Created in honor of the Slavic Black God of the Dead. A nighttime god of grief, evil, chaos and woe, he is paralleled by his twin brother Bylebog, god of light, joy, order, and good fortune.

A combination of three musks, with splashes of dark myrrh, vetiver and mullein.

Released: Excolo

1 thought on “Czernobog”

  1. Ooooh…. maybe not my typical style but definitely dark, rich, ancient and ominous! And although I do think it has quite a ‘mood’ to it, I don’t think it would actually be offensive to outside noses. It’s not exactly sweet but there’s something my nose wants to interpret as fruitiness. It feels dirty but also has clean aspects to it, which is confusing? It’s just a bit piney/citrusy, a little incensy, and a lot velvety. It did dry down a bit “port-o-potty air freshener” on me unfortunately. Pretty incredible throw and longevity.

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