Old Demons of the First Class

Brand: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Scent Description:

We must have all the old demons of the first class, with tails, and the hobgoblins and imps; and then I think we ought not to leave out the death-horse, or the grave-pig, or even the church dwarf, although they do belong to the clergy, and are not reckoned among our people; but that is merely their office, they are nearly related to us, and visit us very frequently. 

Siberian musk, black clove, opoponax, tonka, black pepper, and neroli.

Released: Märchen- The Elfin Hill

1 thought on “Old Demons of the First Class”

  1. WOW so dark and sexy in an almost sickeningly sweet way. With a little crack of pepper on top. I think it’s the neroli and opoponax that’s going sweet on my skin. A dangerous and “don’t mess with me” kind of smell.

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