Snooty Rose

Brand: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Scent Description:

`It isn’t manners for us to begin, you know,’ said the Rose, `and I really was wondering when you’d speak! Said I to myself, “Her face has got some sense in it, thought it’s not a clever one!” Still, you’re the right colour, and that goes a long way.’ 

`I don’t care about the colour,’ the Tiger-lily remarked. `If only her petals curled up a little more, she’d be all right.’ 

Alice didn’t like being criticised, so she began asking questions. `Aren’t you sometimes frightened at being planted out here, with nobody to take care of you?’ 

`There’s the tree in the middle,’ said the Rose: `what else is it good for?’ 

`But what could it do, if any danger came?’ Alice asked.

Red rose, oud, plum, bergamot, and red sandalwood.

Released: Mad Tea Party

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