Brand: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Scent Description:

Tweedledum and Tweedledee 
Agreed to have a battle! 
For Tweedledum said Tweedledee 
Had spoiled his nice new rattle. 

Just then flew down a monstrous crow, 
As black as a tar-barrel! 
Which frightened both the heroes so, 
They quite forgot their quarrel.’

Ridiculous! Kumquat, white pepper, white tea and orange blossom.

Released: Mad Tea Party

1 thought on “Tweedledee”

  1. Wet: Sweet, fresh orange and citrus!

    Dry: Citrus and orange being the dominant note with the pepper adding a sharpness at the end. As wet it was very promising: it felt like realistic orange fruits but turns into something inbetween Nice Citrus and the curse of All Citrus Morphs Into Chemical Smellz. It hovers between a nice, soft citrus and sharp upleasant chemical. This is something I usually have problems with for perfumes 🙁
    The last hours Tweedledee reminds me of a orange soda, its sweeter than before and hints of orange.

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