Brunch on the Lanai

Brand: Nui Cobalt

Scent Description: A luxurious scent to attract wealth and pleasure in all of its forms. Mimosas, french toast with lilikoi preserves, and the gentlest hint of pikake on the breeze though sheer cotton curtains.

Released: Return to the Big Island

2 thoughts on “Brunch on the Lanai”

  1. Sweet and floral – there was a strong presence of something like maple at first, but it went away really quickly. A little too sweet for me, bordering on cloying. It is a little cleaner than other gourmands that I’ve tried.

  2. This was so difficult to identify. I could smell the fresh orange juice and some other fruit (lilikoi/passionfruit, I know now) as well as a hint of the gourmand buttery smell from the french toast. A touch of clean and floral notes came out after a little bit of wear – It was hard to identify, since I don’t have a personal reference for these smells together. It’s a really unique gourmand atmospheric scent.

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