Brand: ZOMG Smells

Scent Description:

cloves, cinnmon, rosemary, black pepper, basil, ylang-ylang.

Terpenes are fascinating things that make up the building blocks of scent (among the other crazy neat things that they do), and I just had to play with riffing off of a trio of them for this end-of-year holiday-season Fancy ZOMG Limited Scents Smorgasbord. This terpene trio is called Three Kings, because it started with myrcene while I was thinking about the holiday theme of bearing gifts and the Christian Three Kings bearing frankincense, gold, and myrrh. You get three guesses which one of those smells like myrcene, but I know you don’t need them. After myrcene, I went looking for other interesting terpenes, and many of them are surprising in the variety of seemingly unrelated things that contain the same terpene. One key to how that works is that scents are made of lots of different terpenes, not just one, although some like pinene– which is also exactly what you think it is– turn up in pines in such high concentration that you really don’t smell much of anything else going on in there.

Released: Holiday Season 2018

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