3 thoughts on “Charmed”

  1. Started out as heavy dark chocolate when wet. Turned quickly into lighter fluffier accord – cheesecake (?)- and then the strawberries come through turning it into a very wearable sweet strawberry forward with cake scent. Decent sillage but unfortunatly on my skin a bit short lived (meaning up to 4h). Long lived skinscent >8h

  2. This smells like strawberry vanilla cheesecake at first but as it dries the strawberry note gets a lot stronger, it’s sweet but realistic. After about 5h the realistic strawberry fades and it goes back to more of a creamy scent. It has medium throw and lasted quite a long time on me – I was smelling it around myself for about 5h and I could smell it on my arms for >8h.

  3. Interesting! I identified this initially as creamy (but slightly powdery chocolate), which seemed close but a little off. It makes much more sense that it was actually white chocolate. The strawberries are present as you sniff longer, but they are not very strong. The vanilla is sweet and definitely smells like a black or slightly-deeper version than normal. The cheesecake is not identifiable on its own but likely contributed to the overall creaminess.

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