Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: is an urban maiden, surrounded by hot asphalt and broken down cars leaking oil. She walks the streets armed with a .357 magnum and a heavy ax to seek out the living dead. Gun powder, cement, motor oil and vanilla musk

4 thoughts on “Angelica”

  1. I purchased this as I am a sucker for anything motor oil. First application I get lots of motor oil and gunpowder…. which was so good but vanilla musk turns it into retail perfume.

  2. I was worried that this was going to smell like straight-up burning rubber, especially after reading some reviews, so I only got a sample instead of a dram. In the bottle, I’m actually pleasantly surprised. The vanilla is assertive, and blends the “mechanic shop” smells into something feminine and perfume-worthy. Once it hits my skin, however, it’s… you know how new tires smell? That. Nailed it. Lol… I used all of it in one go and layered Indian Donuts on top to make it wearable (it’s a pretty combo, like I just had to change my oil on the way to a business meeting or something). I had to try it, but it’s a big nope for me! I wish it were different, because the description evokes such bad ass imagery. Oh well.

  3. This is gorgeous. I absolutely love it. I get motor oil and hints of cement slathered in vanilla and backed by muskiness. I love to layer this with leather scents (like Iago by BPAL). I’ve also layered this with Shadow Show by Sixteen92 and wow that was amazing. It was like foody motor oil that faded down to rusty metal and vanilla.

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