Baby, it’s Cold Outside

Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description:  A cozy holiday evening at home by the fire: the scent of oven-fresh blackberry-caramel streusel mingles with the subtle aroma of smoke from the fireplace and your favorite vanilla perfume.

3 thoughts on “Baby, it’s Cold Outside”

  1. My experience seconds Alexis’ only with the blackberry and caramel are switched. This pulls a more blackberry forward on my skin but the caramel is just slightly behind it along with the pastry. It’s a very warm and comforting scent, just like Jessica said. Perfect for the winter holidays!

  2. Absolutely beautiful winter scent. Warm and comforting, oil has limited longevity. Definitely gormaund. In lotion form, there is something slightly sharp, what I think is the smoke note. A really great, complex winter scent!

  3. Smoky, sexy caramel tinged with juicy blackberry, and just a hint of buttery pastry. Dries down to soft vanilla smoke.

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