Black Widow

Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: Smoldering dragon blood resin, sweet aged white patchouli, a pinch of sugared black vanilla beans and wood smoke from a distant crackling fire.

5 thoughts on “Black Widow”

  1. Maybe I have an unsophisticated nose, but even after reading all the other thoughts on this scent, I get only a sweet and spicy red candy that’s a little like licorice. I got my sample in 2020 and it has only been resting a week, so maybe it will morph later, but honestly I already love it and find it pretty sexy!

  2. This was the first scent I ever got of Cocoa Pink and it has created a love like none other. The dragon’s blood is sweet with the patch right there next to it. The smoke is lingering giving this a sexy edge. This is a very sexy, sweet witch smell. It’s very smooth with nothing overwhelming the blend. One of my holy grails.

  3. I got straight patchouli in the bottle and was a little scared because this was a blind buy. However, once I got it on my skin, the dragon’s blood emerges, and it is gorgeous! This smells like nag champa incense is burning while I bake sugar cookies in a woodfire stove. (I’d say it’s the super hit nag (silver and black box), which is lighter and smoother than the original blue). There’s no getting away from the “headshop” vibe, but it’s done beautifully – let’s say it’s a sophisticated headshop. Score! Favorite.

  4. I have a 2015 dram and a 2018 dram so will review both. 2015 Black Widow- This is smooooooth. I definitely picked out the patchouli before I went and looked at the notes, and a deep, dark vanilla. This has aged beautifully. All the notes mingle together so that nothing jumps out or competes with each other. The dragon’s blood is just a hint of incense now. The patch and vanilla seem to have taken over and it just gently supports them. I am not a smoke fan and I don’t detect any smoke in this one. This reminds me of something BPAL would do, maybe from their Carnival series. 2018 Black Widow – Whew, that patch is fresh!! Almost green I’d say. It’s a little too hippie smelling for me right now. I’ve smelled this bright, fresh patch before in something before. I also get a lot of vanilla, kind of a bourbon or boozy vanilla. I haven’t smelled BPAL Banshee Beat in eons, but the patch and vanilla in this are giving me that sort of a vibe. I’m not getting smoke or dragon’s blood from this one. I think the patchouli really overpowers everything.

  5. I LOVE THIS. It really smells like a witch’s hearth with added sugar. The patch and the woodsmoke are second strongest with the dragon’s blood rounding it out.

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