Bonfire Toffee

Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: Syrupy sweet English toffee bits and vanilla marshmallows sprinkled atop a hot cup of mocha with hints of smoking firewood in the background.

2 thoughts on “Bonfire Toffee”

  1. Mostly a smoky mocha scent. Toffee adds sweetness and richness. The marshmallow doesn’t come out on me, it is completely overwhelmed by the deep, rich, smoky sweetness of the rest of the scent.

  2. I’d been keen to see how my nose feels about CP’s smoke notes, but on first sniff, this is… weird… just weird. Murky sweetness burning on a dirty log? I’m letting it rest. After two weeks, it is much more pleasant in the bottle, smoky and richly sweet. On application, it gets better again! The smoke note is accurate, like standing downwind of a freshly lit bonfire. It’s somehow capturing “warmth” in smell form… The sweet part smells like a melting Heath bar, and I get no marshmallow at all. It’s about 2:1 toffee to mocha, with the mocha coming on strong at first, then mellowing out into yummy, drippy toffee. I wish this toffee note had been in Honey I Washed the Kids! It’s a remarkable blend, but I wouldn’t quite call it a favorite.

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