Cinderella’s Carriage

Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: What did Cinderella really wish for? We think it was this blend of Coconut Cream Pie with Marshmallow Meringue, Sweet Pumpkin, Spiritueuse Double Vanilla, and Vanilla Bean Noel. We think this is the REAL reason the prince fell in love, who could resist Cinderella in sexy foodie?

10 thoughts on “Cinderella’s Carriage”

  1. this is cake with buttercream icing. You have to love BEING vanilla cake with rich icing to love this scent. Sweet gourmand.

  2. This scent is just yummy. Be careful it will make you hungry. It’s sweet and delicious. Very gourmand. You need this in your perfume or body collection. I see the appeal of why so many people love it.

  3. I don’t get any coconut in this at all lol. I feel a little like ‘???’ with all the other comments, because there’s NO coconut note for me. I do get sweet vanilla cake, maybe with cream cheese icing as someone else said. I can smell a dash of pumpkin. It does have a generic perfume note that’s quite strong and don’t love. The perfume note does fade over time, but it’s still present. This is probably a pass for me.

  4. Upon initial application, it smells like coconut cream with a grounding of spices. Within a few minutes, it morphs into pure speculoos (cookie butter). It smells like a delicious, fresh-baked cinnamon cookie. Not what I expected, but it’s perfect!

  5. I had this scent (as EDT) in 2011. I think I just liked the name! I kind of got away from indies but I bought it in July during the sale as I remembered loving it. I got the large EDT. It smells like delclious and very sweet coconut cake with pumpkin spic e(not too spice heavy!) and vanilla. It is not for everyone, very very sweet. Better suited for autumn and winter. I haven’t tried even a spritz in the heat.

  6. Okay, here we go! All the rave reviews came through for me on this one! Delicious. Boyfriend says it smells like sexy butterscotch, which I will take. Wonderful, complex gourmand. Perfectly blended so no single note really stands out. I get whiffs as my head moves throughout the day and it’s like I just walked through some glorious bakery and my hair soaked up every single treat. It smelled just as good when I got home from work, and even lingered into the next morning! This is not a “coconut scent” or a “pumpkin scent”. It’s edible perfume at its finest. Will order in other forms.

  7. Possibly the best CP scent available. On me it’s a coconut vanilla with the tiniest hint of pumpkin in the background. It tastes absolutely edible. Sometimes, as a woman in my 30’s, it’s hard to wear gourmand scents because they can smell juvenile, but this one, IMO, works well for all ages. The notes are so well mixed that you just smell like a delicious baked good. Everyone who likes gourmands should try this scent.

  8. Very vanilla cake with some spices and cream cheese icing. There’s a perfumey quality from the SDV, but it just rounds out all the sweeter elements into something overall delicious. I don’t get much pumpkin or coconut.

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