English Cathedral

Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: heighten your senses with this resiny incense blend that will take you to an English countryside cathedral with English ivy and jasmine lawns.

3 thoughts on “English Cathedral”

  1. Incense/resin in the forefront, then ivy. The incense quieted down a bit on the dry down. Good throw and lasting power, just not my thing.

  2. This smells like the freshest incense ever in the bottle… super “green”, like it wasn’t fully dried when it was lit. I really like it. I wish it stayed like that on me, but the ivy amps like crazy, and overpowers the incense. It’s JUST shy of causing a headache now! I’m going to try this layered with other fragrances with incense/ resin and see what happens. I tried it first with Queen of the Nile underneath, which is a nice combo. It’s basically just adding a green smell to that though. (QotN is a powerful resin-y fragrance). I’d like something sweet to counterbalance these two, which are playing well together. Ultimately, this is an interesting layer-er for me, but definitely doesn’t work as a standalone. I won’t be purchasing more, but I’m glad I tried it.

  3. I found the incense note a little potpourri-like instead of moody-church incense. This was one that I decided to destash instead of keep.

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