Ghost Train Of Gettysburg

Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: Faint memories of gun powder, ghostly vanilla mists blended with the distinct scents of pipe tobacco, overgrown grass, cold dirt, rusted metal, blackberries from a nearby wild blackberry bush, giant oak trees creaking softly in the breeze.

5 thoughts on “Ghost Train Of Gettysburg”

  1. I was hoping for more of the metal, gunpowder, and maybe the bramble part of the blackberry bushes. Instead I feel like I smell as if I’ve recently made blackberry jam or cobbler and the scent is clinging to me. I do get a bit of the oak, but none of the metallic notes, tobacco, grass, dirt, or gunpowder.

    Even after aging this is “blackberry cobbler cooling in a window with an oak tree in the distance– emphasis on the cobbler.” Way too gourmand for me.

  2. After my disappointing experiences with all things berry from CP, this is a pretty pleasant surprise… it’s giving me a distinct sense of being outdoors, like standing near a super-ripe blackberry bush, a tinge of green/ woody/ dirt, but mostly luscious, drippy fruit… and there’s absolutely something metallic biting at my molars. Not sure if that’s the gunpowder, or the rusted metal, or maybe both? They got those aspects spot-on, which is remarkable. I want to smell tobacco here, to cut that fruit smell more, but I don’t. I also get no vanilla or sweetness. There’s something interesting begging to come through, and it unfolds once I put it on. The gunpowder note becomes prominent at first in a sulfur way, which worried me a little, but it recedes completely and leaves something I keep sniffing. It’s just completely bizarre: Metal blackberries. I’m not entirely sure I want to smell like this regularly, but it sure is unique!

  3. One of my favorite CP scents. I don’t find this masculine at all, sweet and interesting but also not OVERLY feminine. The metal and dirt mixes with the blackberries to create a very subdued sweet scent. I have tried this in both the oil and Smell Me Across Town formats (I definitely bought a full size) and they are both true to their description. The SMAT formula lasts strongly for 12 hours – I love it!

  4. Lots of blackberries with something cold. Bits of metal and dirt. And a slight hint of vanilla musk. This is strange and masculine, but I like it.

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