Goblin’s Breath

Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: Dreamy clouds of French vanilla infused cotton candy heightened with a sinister twist of red carnation, pink peppercorn and vetiver.

4 thoughts on “Goblin’s Breath”

  1. I loved Goblin’s Breath, its sugary cotton candy with a spicy carnation edge. Not a boring, linear perfume. Its sweet and peppery, feminine and spicy.

  2. This was not a winner for me. I felt the scent was overwhelming and sickening sweet, like a little girls fragrance. The Cotton candy note is very prominent.

  3. The carnation is front and center. It’s very heady, almost wine-like. The cotton candy and pink pepper mix together really well, a nice blend of sweet and spicy. This lasted over ten hours on my skin.

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