Golden Morning

Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: Cool vanilla wrapped around honeyed, pale pumpkin gently grounded with white oak, tonka bean finished with the barest hint of copal.

7 thoughts on “Golden Morning”

  1. When I first got the package and sniffed this one, it smelled like talcum powder. It was a bit of a surprise, but kind of a nice, clean scent? Now it smells warm, and kind of cozy? Definitely sweet. I like this one way more now that it has settled down. I don’t smell vanilla or pumpkin specifically, but I can see how they would have blended together. This is a great Autumn scent. 5/5, it really got a lot better with rest.

  2. I’m not into pumpkin scents but I like golden morning. To me, it doesn’t really smell like pumpkin because it’s like a fresh pumpkin instead of cooked. It’s very cozy.

  3. I’m not sure how to describe it other that it’s amazing and smells like cold pumpkins and a bit of cool vanilla. It’s got some spice to warm it up a tiny bit but it honestly just smells cool and relaxed, as opposed to one of those warm, spiced pumpkin scents? I’m not someone who can pick up each individual note and comment on it, my nose can basically only do “smells good” or “smell bad” unfortunately. But it’s a very comforting scent. Makes me feel like I’m walking on a cobblestone street near a bakery on a chilly morning, wrapped up in my favorite sweater.

  4. This remains one of my top fave scents years after first smelling it! It’s a rare ‘cool’ fall scent – while most autumnal scents lean warm, spiced, or cozy, this one is a cool fall morning, fog curling around an oak tree, with a hint of spectral white pumpkin. I love it as a linen scent!

  5. This is nicely blended and smells like a blend of several things at once. It’s lightly resinous, which I think is the copal, and the vanilla is slightly cool and woody from the oak note. I definitely detect the tonka a bit, because there’s another layer of something that you can tell is not just vanilla. It doesn’t really morph at all, and there is a slight warmth and near-soapiness that I quite like. It’s really beautiful and has a sophisticated feel to me.

  6. I am one of those people that raved about this scent! I find it complex and pleasant. The pumpkin note is a very accurate pumpkin (not sweetened), and the vanilla cushions the pumpkins bitterness to make this very pleasant. I have this in a linen spray and the scent can last up to 10 hours!

  7. Not particular impressed after all the rave reviews I’ve read, but it seemed pleasant enough. No “wow” factor for me at all. Boyfriend says it smells like diapers. New diapers. I can’t get the association out of my head now!!! After two weeks, the pumpkin is more prominent, which is… a little bit nicer, but still overall meh. I got it in a Linen Spray, so I tried it as a body spray, hoping that might save it and enlighten me on why this is a big deal fragrance… and I was wrong. I just can’t dig it. I was excited for this and I simply don’t understand the hype. It’s so very boring (and diaper-y… lol). Using it up for laundry freshening, and will not re-purchase.

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