Green Sugar

Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description:  Fresh Oriental bamboo, spring water, muscovado sugar, jade orchid blooms, delicate white patchouli and sweet Indian sandalwood gently kissed with golden amber, violet petals and cedarwood.

2 thoughts on “Green Sugar”

  1. The most intriguing of the linen sprays I chose, my impression of it changes each time I sniff. In the bottle, it’s super heavy on the cedar, but once I spray it, that calms down to let the other notes come out to play… It’s fresh, but woodsy. It’s sweet, but floral. It’s sharp, but also somehow soft and feminine. It’s impossible to describe simply. Plus, it lasted overnight! I keep reaching for this out of the selection I have. I tried it as a body spray today, and it is still as gorgeous! It smells expensive with each note distinct, but expertly blended into one sensory experience. My nose didn’t realize this had patchouli in it until my boyfriend said he smelled patchouli on me (which we both love). It is a very light, airy patch note. Another ode to blending! It dries down to predominantly cedar again, but it’s very soft at that point, so I can hang. I am a fan!

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