Hearts on Fire Gelato

Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: Black vanilla bean fluffy Italian gelato infused with decadent shots of hazelnut coffee drizzled generously with sticky gobs of melted caramel then scooped lovingly into a freshly made waffle cone.

4 thoughts on “Hearts on Fire Gelato”

  1. I got a sample of this in a swap, not realizing it was a coffee heavy scent. Had I known, I probably wouldn’t have asked for it, but I’m happy about my mistake! It’s an absolutely delicious hazelnut coffee. For the first few minutes, it’s very in-your-face coffee, but on me dries down to a subtle hazelnut-vanilla with a hint of lingering coffee rounding it out.

  2. In the bottle, this is quite yummy. I can smell a lot of coffee, with a creaminess to it, so it reads as coffee ice cream to me. Then there are dashes of waffle cone and caramel. Once I put it on, it’s in-your-face COFFEE. That’s not a bad thing; It’s a well-done coffee. Interestingly, I get whiffs of the waffle cone/ caramel on me throughout the day, but when I sniff close to my skin, it’s still straight creamy coffee. It is STUNNING layered with Italian Waffle Cookie though, nailing the description for my nose. I’m pretty much convinced they should amp up that waffle cone smell in there and this would be a home run for me. I may need more of this in something. Could be a custom option too (with IWC added, of course).

  3. Extreeeeemely rich hazelnut sweet coffee with vanilla ice cream. I get a hint of waffle cone, but the rest is all nutty rich ice cream.

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