Italian Waffle Cookie

Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: traditional Italian waffle cookies or waffle ice cream cone.

5 thoughts on “Italian Waffle Cookie”

  1. Definitely smells like fresh waffle cones/cookies. I love using this to layer with perfumes that I find too floral. Lasts all day (and even to the next day if I put it in my hair!)

  2. Smells so accurate to a fresh waffle cone being made, just like standing in an ice cream shop, so this scent was spot on and perfect! (Also as another reviewer said, this has no notes of ice cream. It’s just the cone, so it will be all waffle cookie scented)

  3. Straightforward, like you just stepped into a shop making fresh waffle cones. It reminds me of a local ice cream shop that always tempts me when I walk in. This is strong and exactly as described! (I don’t think the description is suggesting that it smells like ice cream; rather, I think it’s describing what kind of waffle cookie it is.)

  4. I like a lot of gourmands, but this is not a winner for me. I feel like the cookie note is overwhelming….its like drowning in cookie! I also didn’t get any sort of ice cream note in this at all. This was a destash for me! Oil format has good longevity at about 6-8 hours.

  5. Exactly as described, like stepping into an ice cream shop that makes their own waffle cones. Very potent, lasts all day, and gets many compliments, super sweet and edible… (I primarily use it for layering).

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