Lavender Honey Macaroons

Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: French macaroons with wild lavender sprigs blended with pure black vanilla bean and gentle touches of golden tupelo honey.

5 thoughts on “Lavender Honey Macaroons”

  1. WOW. This was my first experience with a very sweet scent. It’s very sweet. Do not get this if you don’t want a wave of sweetness. It doesn’t smell like straight up sugar, but very dessert like. That’s probably the honey. It smells pretty heavily of marzipan. I actually stopped using it until my partner said they liked it and I started using it again and used it up. But would not rebuy, it was just too sweet. 2/5.

  2. Soft, sweet, and powdery. Almond and honey with a little vanilla and a hint of lavender.

    I like almond notes, but I’m not sure how I feel about this almond note. It’s a little cherry-like similar to most almond notes, but it’s also powdery and even slightly cinnamon-like in a way. I do enjoy the honey note though – light, golden, and sweet. From what little I can smell of the lavender, it’s sharp and sour. It’s a rather weak scent with little sillage and only sticks around an hour or so before vanishing completely.

    If you’re looking for a more lavender-heavy Macaron scent… I would recommend Hexennacht’s Lavender Macaron. However, if you absolutely love almond, this might be the better option for you.

    Not for me, but maybe for those who really love almond.

  3. Oh man, I actually really love this scent. I get the gourmand, bakery scent of the macaroons, the lavender, and the honey notes. This is a great gourmand for people who don’t love overly sweet scents. I have tried this is both lotion and oil and both are true to their descriptions. I did find that the oil longevity wasn’t very strong…only lasting 3-4 hours.

  4. Purple honey. Just straight up honey. The lavender isn’t herbal at all, just adds in a purple quality to this. The macaroon accord is very sweet almond that blends into the honey and enhances it, not really making itself known at all.

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