Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: Exotic sandalwood infused with gorgeous streaks of black vanilla bean, sugar crystals, rum raisin, smooth Tonka, tobacco leaf and golden amber – a blend sure to keep you coming back for more!

2 thoughts on “Magnetic”

  1. I completely agree with Alexis! Having tried Black Vanilla, I find this basically Black Vanilla + Raisin. I like the scent quite a bit, but it doesn’t stand out. The oil longevity is great, lasting around 8 hours!

  2. I quite like this in the bottle, but the rum raisin is distracting. The other notes try to come through and are just smothered by RAISIN (!). On my skin, the blend becomes soft and delicious. Thankfully, that raisin settles down and plays well with everything else. The richness of sandalwood and amber make it something I’m drawn to, but my complaint is that it’s not very strong overall. This is a pleasant, demure gourmand that would probably do well in any product, but it doesn’t have anything interesting enough to call it a favorite. It’s just wearable, neither offensive nor stunning. That makes it a candidate for B&B products/ layering for me, but not a standalone perfume.

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