Marshmallow Fireside (type)

Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: Toasted vanilla marshmallows over a roaring fire. An excellent rendition of BBW’s version.

5 thoughts on “Marshmallow Fireside (type)”

  1. An excellent rendition of BBW’s version! My only problem is, that as this ages, the cedar smell gets stronger and stronger. My solution is to buy a small bottle and use it quickly.

  2. I love marshmallow fireside! It is such a comforting smell to me. My sister always tells me I smell like I just got back from a bonfire when I wear it. It’s smoky but has a lovely sweetness to it, I would compare the sweetness to honey. I have this scent in their oil, voluptuous body butter and linen spray!

  3. This is much better than the original! BBW’s home fragrance version always gives me a headache after a few minutes, like the wood/ smoke is too chemical. CP’s version legitimately smells like burning wood, in a pure sense, and the smoke is delicate enough to balance the fragrance. This is lovely. Cocoa Pink’s marshmallow is ooey-gooey delicious, as always. It smells just as good on my skin as it does in the bottle, like freshly toasted marshmallows, on a stick that got slightly charred during the toasting. Mmmmm… Yup, I get it now. This is close to a favorite for me.

  4. Great interpretation of the Bath & Body Works scent. It’s a lightly-smoked marshmallow over a small fire. Sweet and smoky but not too much of either – Would recommend to someone who doesn’t typically like a smoky smell.

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