Masquerade Ball

Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: Black currant mingles playfully with melodic nuances of wild fig, cassis, black oak, maple leaf and sheathed violet.

1 thought on “Masquerade Ball”

  1. Something about this isn’t jiving for me in the bottle. It’s way too sharp, bordering on medicinal, and makes me think it will be headache-inducing. After resting a couple weeks, I decided to give it a shot. On my skin, it smells completely different. It is a rich, syrupy fruit smell, softened by violet, and rounded out away from foodie with wood and leaves. It’s a unique, sort of dark, fruit (which I suppose is fig?), and it has grown on me. The drydown is lovely too! I can still smell it a little after ten hours and my boyfriend commented that I smelled good, but not like “me”. Not necessarily a favorite, but a very intriguing scent that I am happy to wear occasionally.

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