Monster In The Walls

Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: Smoky, aged patchouli swirled with sweet agar wood and sparkling aldehydes.

1 thought on “Monster In The Walls”

  1. Patchouli ginger beer? Patchouli ale? Is that what aldehydes smell like? Soda? Beer? I’m confused by this one. It doesn’t improve much on application, either. I am a patchouli fan, and this just doesn’t work. It really smells like a bitter, carbonated beverage made with patchouli… which I now believe isn’t something that should be done lol… It’s just a weird combo. It doesn’t smell “BAD” per se… I’m not disgusted, but I also don’t like it. I stuck it out to see what happened on the drydown, and I do have to say it improves, but only because the “aldehyde” slowly dissipates. That leaves a much-improved patchouli/ wood combo, and CP’s aged patchouli is particularly nice IMO. Skip that odd note altogether, and this would probably be wearable.

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