Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: CP Black Amber and Spiritueuse Double Vanilla.

4 thoughts on “Naughty”

  1. Chocolate with a very nice twist. Dare I say it, even a little sexy? I don’t know what makes perfume sexy. Funny that looking at the notes, this isn’t chocolate, it’s amber and vanilla. I like this one very much, I’m going to wear it on a date night. Simple and well blended. I should note: I love simple perfumes. I can see how this would be too simplistic for some people. 5/5 basic in a good way.

  2. too heavy for me. pulls almost like an incense-y scent on me, which is kind of strange. no sweetness at all.

  3. I find Naughty to be a drier version of black vanilla. I enjoy the scent and the oil lasts all day at around 8 hours.

  4. Pretty much Black with a bit more vanilla and a slightly perfumey twist of benzoin. Heavy, a little resinous, and very chocolatey. It’s delicious and sexy.

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