Peach Skies

Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: Silky, smooth peach and apricot nectar kissed by the summer sun, golden honey, red poppies and spring violets sweetened with gentle strands of freshly spun pink cotton candy.

3 thoughts on “Peach Skies”

  1. What I smell: Peach, apricot, honey, violets, red poppies, sugar

    First Impression: Hello Peach! Super bright peach and apricot, generously sweetened by delicious honey and a touch of floral. As it warms, it’s a touch sweeter but still just as bold. Honestly, it is just a very bright, strong, slightly floral peach. Amazing throw

  2. The other notes overpowered the peach in my oil sample, which was disappointing. It ended up smelling like a generic sweet fruity floral instead of the peach-centric scent I wanted.

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