Pumpkin Waffle Delight

Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: Pumpkin infused buttermilk waffles and creamy cake batter ice cream sprinkled with dark brown sugar coated pecans.

1 thought on “Pumpkin Waffle Delight”

  1. Wow, I legitimately want to eat this in the bottle! It’s sweet and decadent without being cloying, sort of dancing between waffles, ice cream, and cake. This is so much better than the B&BW version of similar name, it’s almost an insult to compare. On my skin, it’s still nice, but it loses some power. The pecans are stronger, while the sugar fades out, leaving a warm, nutty fragrance that is nice, but doesn’t hold up in complexity as a standalone to, say, Black Cat in the Pumpkin Patch, or Cinderella’s Carriage. I plan to use the rest of this dram layered with other fragrances.

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