She’s a Peach!

Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: Fresh Georgia peaches, coconut milk and blackberries blended with a little vanilla cream and a tiny splash of bergamot.

2 thoughts on “She’s a Peach!”

  1. To me this is a very artificial peach scent, which on a certain day may do something for me, but in general, I’m not sure this is something I’m gonna gravitate towards. It’s a general peach scent, nothing super special about it to me. I’m feeling lackluster about it. It may be good for layering.

  2. Soft, creamy, and lightly sweet. Coconut milk and non-gourmand vanilla with hints of creamy blackberry and sugared peach. The coconut note is a bit odd. It’s less distinctive than most coconut notes. Really more of a generalized creaminess with a vague sense of coconut. Honestly, I find this very boring and also very weak.

    Not for me, but might possibly work for someone who enjoys creamy, one-note(ish) scents.

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