Spell Caster

Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: Glowing amber essential oil wraps gently around notes of sticky golden honey, freshly picked mulberries and finished on a warm magical base of myrrh.

1 thought on “Spell Caster”

  1. On first sniff, I cannot stand this… which I find odd because I am an enthusiastic fan of both amber and myrrh. It smells like Christmas decorations from a decade ago that someone spilled cheap honey on, for some ungodly reason… After this settles on my skin, it smells like honeyed mulberry mead, but with a mysterious pine-y scent I don’t like at all. I can see why this has been called a Christmas-but-not-CHRISTMAS(!) scent. I am not a fan of the dry down either. It’s straight honey, which is very meh. Not for me. (gifted)

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