Zombie Apocalypse

Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: Dark empty musk infected with lashes of black vanilla, petitgrain essential oil, magnolia flowers, jasmine sambac with the empty remains of vanilla sandalwood.

3 thoughts on “Zombie Apocalypse”

  1. I don’t like vanillas and avoid the heck out of them, and gourmand notes in general. I’m not a big fan of musk. And vanilla musk? Nooooo. I’m meh about florals, especially if they aren’t tempered with something atmospheric, dark, woodsy, or leathery. Sandalwood as a note often goes awry for me so I avoid it for the most part. But.

    Some kind of sorcery is going on with this one, because I love it even though it looks like I would not.

  2. In the bottle, I thought my impression of the scent in oil form may have failed me. It reads loud and heavy floral, which isn’t my thing. On the skin, though, all the things I loved about it become abundantly clear. I can’t stop smelling myself! It’s sort of a “dirty” scent to me, and I mean that in the best way possible. It’s intoxicating. I get musk first, then the vanilla floral cleaning it up, and the sandalwood grounding and warming. It’s still flowery, but it’s got a dark side. It’s magical. Very glad I purchased this in a full-size. It may be a candidate for other forms as well. Favorite.

  3. This is more of an earthy vanilla. No foodie or sweet notes at all. In fact, I think the vanilla takes a backseat to the other notes. I definitely get a lot of dry sandalwood from it. I can smell flowers and I’m pretty sure it’s the jasmine I’m mostly getting, but it’s definitely a “white” flower smell. The musk just rounds everything out really nicely. This smells really well

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