Bicep Of The Parrot #42

Brand: Darling Clandestine

Scent Description: In an interview on Working with Monolids, I mentioned “Bicep of the Parrot #42” as a fake example of a designer fragrance. Now it’s totally real. I kept picturing a green jungle bird in a mosaic of a fountain filled with copper pennies. I dunno, man, that’s just what I pictured, okay? So I went for the metallic overtone of copper, splashing water, high breezes, and an elaborate concoction of sun-baked jungle plants and flowers. So there you have it—description wins over “notes” this time again.

1 thought on “Bicep Of The Parrot #42”

  1. I’ve never been in an actual jungle, but this smells almost exactly like the winter gardens in Auckland, glass, steel and concrete hothouses full of tropical greenery and bubbling water. After a bit it fades into softer green and kind of floral.

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