Brand: Darling Clandestine

Scent Description:  A pure absolute of green cognac grapes, drizzled with caramel, boozed with deep-toasted vanilla, tossed with crushed clove, spritzed with crisp apple juice, and then enweirdened with DarlingClandestine. The notes sound rich and gourmand, and Goldenscale does begin a bit like a vodka-soaked caramel apple, but as it unfolds it’s not quite the foody sweetness you’d expect. It’s fresher, mellower, stranger . . . enweirdeneder.

1 thought on “Goldenscale”

  1. It smells like crisp green apples and boozy caramel. It’s not overly sweet or gourmand. My partner said it smells like celery though.

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