Brand: Darling Clandestine

Scent Description:  I spontaneously decided to create this in honor of a lovely Aussie microbiology major: Buttery orchid packed deep into rich soil and moss and black tea and green lichens. One of my personal favorites to wear, and I tend to bring it back without warning.

4 thoughts on “Gram-Negative”

  1. from my past IMAM review; If I pulled up a handful of fresh green herbs, roots and all, that had just been freshly misted with water and replanted in dark damp potting soil, and them stuck my nose into the stems of the bunch.

  2. Sniffing blind, the dirt is very apparent and realistic. It’s slightly wet, so ‘soil’ as a note makes sense. After a few hours, I smell a ton of greenery as well. The flowers are subtle and mostly serve to temper the bitterness of the other notes.

  3. The scent is balanced between the notes of orchid, moss, and a blend of tea and soil. The orchid note is lovely and unlike any other floral notes I’ve encountered – not heady in the slightest, but slightly sweet and buttery. The moss is fresh and damp, as if it has just been rained on , and the tea and soil notes provide an earthy, fragrant base that conveys a sense of depth better than any other earth/soil note I’ve run across. All together, the scent gives an impression of being strangely alive, as befitting the name, and reminds me of the the scent of a garden after the rain.

  4. This scent is a warm sweet scent. At first I get mostly orchid, and then I am able to distinguish the tea note. This scent feels mature, like elegant lady mature. With wear it is mostly green fresh leaves (like a walk through a greenhouse).

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