Brand: Darling Clandestine

Scent Description: The “clashing islands” interpretation of the lady-bird-monster. Sea salt and dark bay rum and lime and milk and coconut and a bit of banana. A lovely seaside scent with a bit of a bite. I have the lovely Amber Kayla to thank for requesting such a scent.

1 thought on “Harpy”

  1. A very shifty scent that goes through phases. Initially, it’s strongly coconut, banana, and bay rum. Tropical and edible, Then it shifts into a hint of chocolate and lime. Then it shifts again to milk and coconut with no more rum. An inky gritty salt note makes a base for it the whole time. I have this in a solid bitsy which has poor longevity (2 hours), but I think that’s just the solids and not this perfume in particular.

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