Love & Sharks

Brand: Darling Clandestine

Scent Description: Created in honor of the customers who’ve carried this little hobby so very far. Notes of salty smooth sharkskin, pink and black pepper, true black cherries and apricots and clove . . . oh, man, it’s really indescribably wonderful, like all of you. It has appeared ONLY in solid perfume format, with a label featuring a wonderfully hasty sketch by Christopher Key and, after the “Draw the Shark” contest, the winning submission by Bonnie Lam. Love & Sharks requires a complex two-part “cook” to bring the toasted vanilla bits—the “sharks”—to the surface. Though it’s in the “winter” list, sometimes it strikes unexpectedly, and I recommend grabbing it quickly when it does.

2 thoughts on “Love & Sharks”

  1. Fruity vanilla shark skin. It’s salty and a little musky, but still sweet and girly. An odd experience for sure.

  2. This one is salty and peppery and fruity and delicious. Hard to explain it any other way. The perfume applies beautifully, it is smooth and I don’t have to work at it to pick up product. Sillage is crazy good on this one and it lasted all day long.

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