Brand: Darling Clandestine

Scent Description: A conspiracy of poplars, sun-dappled and shivering, with the car already athrob. The tiniest goldenest subtlest fire opal of peach. A study in Humbertian longing.

1 thought on “McFate”

  1. Wonderful! A favourite! Ahhh!!!! McFate isn’t what I imagined from its description, somehow. There’s marigold in this blend – I’d bet my boot on it. It’s a nearly bitter fresh floral, pale yellow-green, on top of a green musk that smells exactly like freshly cracked poplar seeds and clean skin. The peach is underripe and lending only the subtlest kind of sweetness, like peach skin instead of fruit, to the blend. I feel like this is ‘my skin but better’ from spring and summer, 100%.

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