Brand: Darling Clandestine

Scent Description: Popcreme is LIFE. My most perfect fruity creation, I do declare. It’s reminiscent of shaved ice soaked with the retro “tiger’s blood” syrup flavor—tart candy watermelon, strawberry, and a splash of coconut—and then drizzled over with cream, spilled onto a vinyl dashboard, and endrunkened with the fresh, hoppy froth of an India pale ale for your lady grinning soul. It’s bright and effervescent enough that the sweetness is never cloying. Everybody’s afraid of the “vinyl.” Don’t be. The best collections are on vinyl. #popcremeislife

2 thoughts on “Popcreme”

  1. from my past IMAM review; A syrup made from the reduction of a case of fruit punch flavored malt beverage.

  2. This is syrupy and thick and sweet and very very fruity. The vinyl and IPA add something weird to it, but good-weird. This is certainly a summer scent. It’s also incredibly long lasting, over ten hours.

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