Windshield Rain Tattoo

Brand: Darling Clandestine

Scent Description:  Part of my Two Chords collection. Each fragrance in this series fixes on two distinct fragrant elements, inspired by rare botanical extracts that have been cherished in perfumery for centuries, and balanced with a harmonizing accord with the complexity of DarlingClandestine. Windshield Rain Tattoo’s chords are ambrette and red mandarin, lusty and juicy.

1 thought on “Windshield Rain Tattoo”

  1. Wildly enough, cracking open a bottle of this smells like sexy chocolate. I found myself at least somewhat convinced that I had actually gotten the wrong perfume somehow because of how musky and chocolatey it was. Lo and behold, though, applying this to skin reveals an almost bitter and heavy orange (orange fruit + blossom maybe?) with sweet musk mallow. It’s like a really nice truffle except there’s no chocolate and also I smell a bit…sexy. Like actual sex sexy. With oranges. Weird.

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