5 thoughts on “‘Dusty stacks of vinyl records on an antique store floor’”

  1. This is so difficult to get a read on in the bottle. It’s sort of sweet, but dry and… something about it feels “old”, like a legacy heirloom with that indescribable character. It’s checking the atmospheric box while still feeling potentially wearable. Cool. It’s similar on application, though unfortunately my skin seems to eat it up. It’s even more faint than the bottle sniff, making it difficult to explore the nuance. I get a random impression of cardboard and then later… butter? Like movie theater butter but dried on the counter, not fresh. Bizarre. No sandalwood to be found. There’s certainly no patchouli. Resting and retrying. My feelings/ impressions haven’t changed after a week. Objectively, I guess I smell good. It’s hard to say what I smell like though. Like an ancient cardboard box where the glue’s disintegrated and starts to smell sweet. It’s just… acceptable. It also doesn’t smell like identifiable perfume. So, I guess that could be good or bad depending on what you’re going for. The dry down this time brings a surprise soft sandalwood and skin musk that never appeared on the first test. This is the best it’s smelled by far, but it’s a bit simple. Interesting. So… it legitimately needed resting. I’m not used to that. I’ve fallen on the side of “resting isn’t really a thing except maybe in extreme weather” for years, but this house seems to be proof that it entirely depends (I guess I can now say I greatly prefer houses with no resting required instead of dismissing it out of hand). Later testing yielded the same results as the test after a week though. It doesn’t get any better with more resting. I’m feeling apathetic about the whole thing. I could wear it, but I don’t think I’d ever WANT to. I’d prefer to wear something else if I’m going for “my skin but better”. I want perfumes that get me legitimately excited and this just isn’t scratching any itches. It’s also lacking strength at any stage, so meh. On to the next!

  2. You know, this pretty much smells like it’s title. I have been in an antique store looking at old records, and that is pretty much what this smells like. Like dusty dry honeycomb cereal. This one is really difficult to describe. It is an experience.

  3. These are all notes I love so I knew this scent was a safe bet for me, but I’m surprised by how much I love this scent, I couldn’t stop huffing my arm. it smells EXACTLY like every good vintage store I’ve ever been to somehow, and like old books. I love it. it seems to have p decent longevity. I don’t get any notes more strongly than the others, and the patchouli doesn’t come through too strongly imo (so if you’re not a huge patchouli fan you might like this).

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