1 thought on “‘The same way I am in love with the moon’”

  1. Oof. I hate it. I hate it in the bottle, and I hate it on my skin. I get a strong dose of something bitter and medicinal like anise/ licorice plus something unidentified rotting nearby, like mildew-y almost? It’s more than that though, there’s a muskiness to it that is just awful. It’s like a dead animal. WHY?! I have the urge to clean because that smell is unacceptable. It makes me literally gag. What is happening?! I love palo santo. I love sandalwood. I love smoke. Idk what lunar accord is exactly from here, but I figured maybe a white amber. Not my favorite, but I figured acceptable alongside the other two. That’s a big nope. I had to scrub this. I really tried to hang on so I could get a better impression on paper, but it made me sick and I failed. I have no other words. Huge, mega pass on first impression. I’m kinda scared to open the bottle for a second round, but I muster the courage. I still get that weird bitterness that I dislike, but I can smell a smoked wood note now behind it that I’m curious to explore. On skin, it’s a bit like… just-starting-to-turn rotting wood being tossed still wet onto a dying fire. Like it’s getting singed, but not taking to flame. The licorice-ness is gone. I’m especially thankful for the smoked part because it tempers whatever that rottenness is to my nose. I imagine this is what oud smells like to people who detest it. This is so close to being acceptable right now, hovering just outside of it. As it sits, I’m getting something lightly clean poking through, which I’m pegging as the lunar accord. This is… dare I say it, pleasant? It’s light, but complex, wood blended with my skin musk and touched by a breath of smoke. The rottenness is firmly in the background, giving some character to the wood without being offensive. The dry down becomes cleaner and cleaner, disappearing into near nothingness after maybe an hour and a half. Short-lived and a bit bipolar in character. I fervently wish the only thing I smelled from this was the late stage, which barely lasts. That said, easy pass. Wild ride.

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