7 thoughts on “‘The sweater we buried you with is hanging in my closet’”

  1. I have the EDP version of this and it projects like crazy! I wore 3 sprays and it was too much. The poor woman I work with ended up with a headache because of it (she’s very sensitive to all fragrance) and I apologized profusely. That being said, it is a beautiful musky, ambery vanilla. It’s quite linear with not much change happening between 7am when I first sprayed it and 3pm (now). It is hanging on and still projecting! I have a feeling that my little 15mL bottle will last forever because I’ll only do 1-2 sprays max from now on. This is really cozy scent, perfect for Fall and Winter. It does give fuzzy sweater vibes.

  2. In the bottle, I’m neither thrilled nor displeased. It smells like a warm, woody vanilla. I like those. I’m not sure it’s grabbing my attention though. On my skin, it veers crazy sweet vanilla. It’s almost like sugar cookie vanilla. Bizarre! This reminds me of Hexennacht’s Spirit Temple minus the nag champa (side note: I love ST, but that’s because of the nag, so…). I’m bemused. I expected this to be a no-brainer “like” for me. I just figured I’d be comparing it to similar blends I already own to decide if/ when to full size. I don’t think I need to even worry about it though. The dry down doesn’t develop much more nuance. Still sugar cookie vanilla. This isn’t doing it for me. It’s funny how that works sometimes. This one got tons of hype and I’m not into it. Oh well! Marked for destash. I gave it another whirl after resting and I get some more depth, mostly a soft sandalwood whisper in the background. I like it better now, but there’s still too much high-pitched, sugary vanilla for my tastes overall. I can say that this one seems to benefit greatly from resting in the complexity department. It doesn’t develop much more character over the next month, but the difference between the day I received it and a week later was significant. Anyway, this one is a soft pass for me. It’s perfectly fine as a vanilla, but not exciting enough to add to my permanent collection.

  3. Definitely a cozy, drier vanilla. The sandlewood is definitely there, but it’s not super super sharp. It makes it more fuzzy. This would be a nice introduction into the world of indie fragrance for those only used to mainstream. It’s provides a nice balance against the vanilla.
    It lasts about a few hours on me and I’ve been smothering it all over me the past month and I’m already halfway through the 5ml I have. Hopefully, the extra strength one I order last longer on me.

  4. This scent is very subtle. It fades quickly on me, so I wouldn’t FS. Ignoring that, I think this would be a good scent for someone who is new to indie perfume and maybe doesn’t want anything that smells weird or witchy? It reminds me of whatever perfume my aunt wore in the early 2000s. It’s like a very huggable smell if that makes sense ? Cozy

  5. Note: This is a review based on the old formulation (rice bran oil + vitamin E), so I can’t speak to how / if the scent may be impacted by the new FCO formulation. YMMV!

    So, I really want to love this one, but it’s been a bumpy road … when I tested this ~3 weeks in, it was a bit flat, and seemed to be missing the warmth I was hoping for, based on the description.

    Then, at ~1.5 months, I absolutely fell in love with it (sandalwood! cashmere! everything I wanted!), but now (~3 months since I received it), it seems flat again. Based on that lovely golden period, I’m considering giving this another shot in the FCO

  6. Artificial vanilla and plastic, I do not get any quality that would translate as a sweater. If you like bath and body works warm vanilla sugar this is similar but add plastic doll quality and the cheapness of body fantasy vanilla spray from a drugstore. I kinda like it but would not full size i have a ton of vanilla and it doesn’t work on my skin and has no uniqueness.

  7. This is nice. If you like Hexennacht Doll Head you may like this; it feels sort of similar somehow, but I would say it’s… warmer? That might be the amber. It smells a bit less like a Cabbage Patch Kid than Doll Head but still kind of similar to me, and it’s very soft and pretty. It’s very wearable and comforting.

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