Alyssum House

Brand: Deconstructing Eden

Scent Description: Alyssum, violets, a drop of Jasmine, pale peach roses, and a clean, warm skin musk.

Released: Kushiel’s Legacy

1 thought on “Alyssum House”

  1. A totally soft, fluffy, gentle white floral. No single floral note predominates – it’s a sweet bouquet with a tiny little bit of powderiness, possibly from the violets. Everything is very light and balanced – no heady indolic jasmine, or aggressive powdery violets, or bombastic jammy rose. This is the softer, dreamy side of florals, and I think the almost honeyed (but never heavy) sweet feel might come from the alyssum. The musk acts to ground some of the sweetness. This is fluffy and ‘pale pink’ or white smelling, like a chiffon tutu or a feather boa. It’s a beautiful soft, sweet, fluffy floral for lovers of feminine scents.

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