Be My Druidess

Brand: Deconstructing Eden

Scent Description: Incense, woods, tree moss, light and dark musks and a smokey fire.

Released: Type O Negative Inspired

5 thoughts on “Be My Druidess”

  1. This smells like incense and slight floral to me, although it does seem to change and now I get a slight more smokiness to it. I personally do not get musk from this. This does not smell like a hippie shop and is almost close to a traditional perfume

  2. Wish I got all the smoke and incense others are talking about, those are the notes I gravitate towards but this is too much like a generic fresh floral perfume on me. All greenery and flowers and no smoke or musk or incense.

    1. Something must have been wrong with my chemistry before as on retrying I get the smoke and incense strongly. The smoke is more like smoked tea leaves, a green and sappy smoke rather than dry and woody. The moss is really prominent and has almost a patchouli like quality combined with the incense. I’m a huge fan of what most people call “headshoppy” ambers and resins but surprisingly Druidess is very headshoppy to me because I interpret the term as patchouli and green leaning incense rather than the sweet or powdery ambers I’m so fond of. So if you like moss and darker/ greener incense blends you’ll love this. It’s remarkably evocative of burning incense in a mossy forest.

  3. A smoky, grown-up incense scent – it really does smell like burning incense, but surprisingly not in a headshoppy way. Not a sweet, plush dragon’s blood incense or a dry, cool sandalwood…it’s somewhere in-between. The base seems to be woody, rich, and dry, which tempers the realistic burning embers feel and makes it smell more ‘deliberate’ as a perfume. Extremely strong sillage and incredible longevity – for this one, I really only needed a drop.

  4. This is so incredibly smoky! It’s heavy in the incense. The green stuff is more in the background. I love this scent! I’m always going to remember the day a classmate turned to her friend and said she smelled fire… it was me haha

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