Brand: Deconstructing Eden

Scent Description: Spun pink candy floss, vanilla, pink grapefruit, sweet amber, black and red currants, honey drenched figs, a trace of tuberose, apricot, guava and apples.

Released: Love: Light Series

1 thought on “Besotted”

  1. My favorite cotton candy scent to date…

    Besotted is pink spun sugar, first and foremost. There is a cool, wet, roundness lent from the honey dipped fig. Tart grapefruit and vanilla support the cotton candy and definitely give it longevity and perfect sugary pink dynamic and texture! The currant is what keeps the scent from being overly cavity inducing, and also from this becomes a sort of ‘adult perfume’ cotton candy.

    Not an over the top gourmand, even if the main stair is spun sugar!

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