Black No. 1

Brand: Deconstructing Eden

Scent Description: Milk white skin, a haze of clove cigarette smoke, burning leaves and the blackest patchouli in my collection.

Released: Type O Negative Inspired

3 thoughts on “Black No. 1”

  1. Smells like goth clubs, fall air, and the dearly-missed Djarum cigarettes of old. Tons of projection and lasts forever. One of my favorite perfumes ever. Be still my little goth heart.

  2. I have terrible luck with DE perfumes generally not smelling like anything on me, but I LOVE this one. In this I can clearly smell the clove and patchouli, which are two of my favourite notes. Can also smell the burning leaves in the background. I like wearing this on reeally hot days or at night. Like getting the song stuck in my head each time as well.

  3. Love love love this scent. It really does smell EXACTLY like milky skin and clove cigarettes. The smoke and patchouli aren’t noticeable on me so don’t let those notes scare you. Feel weird wearing it in the daytime though, it’s a scent for nights out clubbing.

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