Mad Girl’s Love Song

Brand: Deconstructing Eden

Scent Description: Crisp white sheets, nightblooming jasmine, and peony

3 thoughts on “Mad Girl’s Love Song”

  1. This is much better than I might have guessed from the notes. The jasmine is not indolic and it hides out in the background which is great cause I’m not much of jasmine fan. The ‘crisp sheets’ note is not high pitched or like dryer sheets either. I have smelled peonies – the actual flower – and I don’t really smell that here. What I do get is like a fresh, kind of sweet, lightly floral scent, almost smells kind of like some type fruit also. It’s very pleasant. It’s the kind of scent that is good for a spring day, or something you could wear to work without annoying anyone, just an easy scent to wear, and very pretty smelling.

  2. Unfortunately, I found no redeeming qualities in this perfume. The primary note is an oppressively heavy laundry detergent musk, which is layered with a candy-sweet, watery floral. The texture of the perfume, like every Deconstructing Eden perfume I sampled, was thick and greasy.

  3. exactly what it sounds like. smells very clean, very fresh. what you’d expect high-end laundry detergent to make you smell like. i love it.

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