Brand: Deconstructing Eden

Scent Description: Lush irises, Jasmine Sambac absolute, Bulgarian rose absolute, Italian Bergamot, (vegan) deer musk, palo santo, Vanilla Planifolia Absolute, sweet orange, and a drop of golden leather.(Frida Kahlo wore Shalimar exclusively. This isn’t Shalimar at all – but I did pull notes from the version she would have worn and known.)

Released: Winter 2019

1 thought on “Frida”

  1. Opens with a burst of juicy sweet orange. Then the florals come out, mostly iris. The jasmine and rose aren’t super strong, which is good because I tend to amp those. They just contribute to a lush floral feel. I think there’s more than a “drop” of leather, but it doesn’t cross the line into too much. It blends well with the musk, palo santo, and bergamot to make a nice base. I don’t get the vanilla at all. This nicely straddles the line between outdoorsy daytime scent and sexy/mysterious nighttime scent. Moderate throw and longevity (a bit less than many of my DE scents).

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