Brand: Deconstructing Eden

Scent Description: Ghostly roses, ethereal lilacs and wisteria. Pale, pale Asian lilies on a soft bed of delicate woods and ambergris.

Released: Love: Dark Series

2 thoughts on “Haunted”

  1. This is a gorgeous perfume for floral lovers, particularly lovers of lilac and wisteria. Those notes are the most prominent for me, with delicate hints of gentle rose dancing in the background. I think this additional sweetness helps to prevent the lilac from getting too sharp. The overall impression is a gentle, realistic floral which isn’t over-sweet. Soft woods and a delectable, skinlike ambergris combine for a fuzzy musk which ties the scent to the skin, and traces of lilac and ambergris are what’s left at the end of the day. A really beautiful blend! 6+ hour longevity, medium to high throw.

  2. This is a sweet soft floral, but the woods and ambergris keep it from getting heady or powdery. On me, the lilacs are the most prominent, and the roses blend into the background. It has moderate throw and good longevity (6-8 hours). I’m not usually into rose or heavy florals but this scent is one of my favorites.

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