Jasmine House

Brand: Deconstructing Eden

Scent Description: Three types of jasmine, on a bed of creamy sandalwood, Krishna amber, a scattering of deep, dark roses and a drop of coriander.

Released: Kushiel’s Legacy

2 thoughts on “Jasmine House”

  1. I wear this when I want to feel powerful, feminine and in control. My husband says I smell entirely too expensive for his budget when I wear it. On me, this scent requires a chignon and pearls. Preferably with steel tipped stilettos. Aloof, in control, sexy, and just a tiny bit evil, this one has a solid spot in my rotation.

  2. Soft jasmine comes to the front for me. The roses are faint and in the background, while there’s a sharp edge from the coriander. Very nice overall, elegant and would be perfectly fine to wear to the office.

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