1 thought on “Demimondaine”

  1. Demimondaine – Pistachio pudding, Coconut cream, Sugar cane, Coconut milk, Vanilla, White musk, Orchid
    Wet: The scent opens on my skin with a sharp blend of almond and green pistachio, followed with the demanding creamy, green coconut milk. It takes a leisurely walk through the dense sand of desiccated coconut and stripped green coconuts, but after emerging on the other side of the woods, the coconut clings like an afterthought, wafting in and out.

    Dried down: The pistachio and coconut milk pudding ebb away softly, and as the green coconut washes away, a cloudy haze of white musk comes to shore. It’s a soft and fluffy musk, blended with pure white sugar and seeped in vanilla essence, and reminds me a lot of Belsnickel (Sugar and Spite), except with a sprinkle of ground pistachio and a modest pump of coconut syrup. After an hour or two, the lingering scent is marked with the creamy shades of vanilla and white musk, a sweet and soft affair decorated in linen, eggshell and blanc curtains of white musk fluttering in the wind. The sweet white musk is a blanket of cloud like fuzziness, all soft to the touch, pale and delicate. Very much an explosive green gourmand that fades into an oriental tinged sweet white musk.

    Perfect for: Lovers of a soft and pretty musk. This would probably smell amazing with a cream cashmere jumper.

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